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Honey Frame Packaging

The Box Designed to Sell Your Honey Comb

All you need to know about this practical & presentable box.

The HFP box is designed to accomodate a British Standard size frame only and comes with a Clear Protective Cellophane Window film on the front to cover and protect your frame of honey from contamination.

The rear of the box has instructions on how to enjoy your frame of honey.



 Naturally, as this is honey which is going to be marketed to the public or given as a gift to friends, it is best to give it some thought early in the season as to how you are going to prepare your frames to be marketed in this way.  Personally I would use new frames and use super thin foundation which would normally be used for cut comb.  Receiving a full frame of honey drawn out on a brand new frame is always more attractive than honey in an old manky well used frame.

The other thing is to think about the type of honey that is going to fill your frame to be marketed in a box.  I would suggest for example that it is not a very good idea to use a Oil seed Rape honey as this granulates in weeks and your beautful frame of honey will be rock hard. Having said that I am sure some people would like to eat honey like a bar of chocolate.  Personally I prefer comb honey as runny honey. 

I would also place your Super, containing the frames to be marketed in the box, well above the brood box. In my experience the higher the super above the brood box the better as there is less likelyhood of any pollen being stored in these frames which can spoil the looks of it.    Having said that there is nothing wrong with pollen in a comb of honey.  The public can pay a lot of money for pollen which has huge remedial benefits.  

Alternatively there is nothing stopping you using wired foundation in your frames to go into the box, but it if doing so I would suggest that you place a sticker on the frame before placing it in the Honey Frame Packaging box, to say that the frame of honey has wires running though it.  You don't want your clients /  friends being poked by a wire!!

Finally, you could always simply place a starter strip of foundation in your frame which is one centimeter in depth and let the bees do the rest.  You might not necessarily get a perfectly filled full frame of honey but in a way that is more attractive.  It will probably have rounded corners as bees do naturally when making comb.  You could then market your honey as being even more totally natural.   

There are instructions on the back of the box explaining how to eat and store the honey suggesting that it is best to scrape each side of the comb rather than cutting all the way through and if you want to keep for a longer period then simply place it in the freezer.  It will thaw back as runny honey.