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Honey Frame Packaging

The Box Designed to Sell Your Honey Comb

This guestbook allows you to make comments about Honey Frame Packaging.  We would love to know if the packaging helps you market your honey in a different way, gives your honey added value or simply makes a full frame of honey a great gift for someone................ or anything else you can think of. 


Hello, I thought I'd send you a quick email to let you know that I found your page here very informative!: I found it while looking up resources that can help me build an organic garden in my backyard. Thanks for putting it together!

I came across a few more references that might be useful additions to your page:

1.) Guide to Bee Keeping - storing and selling honey:

2.) Organic Gardening Resource Center:  Hope I've been of help.     Andrea


"Can I have another 50 boxes please.......Its great for Heather honey"....... Stu - Scotland


"Can I have some more boxes please.  My bees are doing their thing..." Phil - Leicester


"I love it.  I now sell my honey for £50 a frame and demand is still there...! " - Jack - Cornwall


"Such a simple idea.  Why didn't I think of it.".  Gerald - Isle of Wight


"I sell my good frames of honey in your packaging to my corporate clients.  They love it and it is so much easier and more profitable for me."  John - Devon 


" It was a delight to read how you started beekeeping and that I am not the only one who's bees do everything but what they are suppose too, apart from collect honey!  I run on WBC's also and have found your article on Honey Frame Packaging extremely interesting. I will certainly be contacting you after the christmas holiday to purchase some. Many thanks."  Pauline - Hertfordshire


"Many thanks for the packaging - it arrived safely.
I am really pleased with the presentation of the frame -What a difference it makes.  Will promote the packaging at the Lancashire Convention  if you have no-one up here."