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Honey Frame Packaging

The Box Designed to Sell Your Honey Comb

The multi purpose box that allows you to promote and sell a 'British Standard' Shallow frame of honey. 

Simply remove your frame from the hive, place it into our box and sell.  It makes a great gift - is hassle free - no need to extract - no cut comb sticky mess - more profit.

Over the years I have often been approached by people wanting to know whether they can purchase a full frame of honey. Of course the answer has always been ‘yes’ but that is when the problems begin.  How do I get it to them and how do they display it on the table at home?

Up until now, there has been nothing on the market offering the amateur beekeeper an off the shelf method of packaging which allows a full frame of honey to come straight out of the hive and be displayed and marketed like any other product.

Giving local honey always makes a wonderful gift, but it makes it extra special when you receive a full frame of honey direct from the hive.  It also gives owners of lodges, hotels and bed and breakfast establishments the opportunity to make a statement about their premises.  Alternatively families who host large family gatherings such as at Christmas time or for special occasions having a full frame of honey on the table will certainly make a great statement.

From the beekeepers point of view there is also the added benefit that he doesn't have to go through the extraction process which takes up time and money or get into a sticky mess cutting comb honey into containers.  

Comb Honey has always commanded a higher price than the equivalent amount of honey being sold in a jar. Whether it’s because it is still in its natural state or whether it simply looks better on the table, there is a demand.  As a result, Honey Frame Packaging offers amateur beekeepers the opportunity to sell their full frames of comb honey direct from the hive to the table.  

Beekeepers have been selling comb honey for years, but normally this is sold as Section Honey or Cut Comb Honey in containers. 

Section honey is always a favourite with honey lovers but one can never get enough of it.  No sooner does it arrive in the shops, it flies off the shelves. One of the reasons for this is that there is never enough of it and it is difficult to produce.  Bees do not like working 'Sections' because the area is too small and the only time when it really works is when there is a honey flow on.  Some say that the round sections are more successful than the square one's but either way it is not easy to ensure your bees make successful sections every time. 

Year after year I have been left with half completed sections which I cannot sell to the public  so we end up eating them at home.  This is fine in normal circumstances but when you are trying to make your hobby pay, it is a different matter. 

The answer is to sell one of your normal shallow British Standard frames.  It is a lot easier and a lot less messy.  You don’t need any special equipment or have to go through the sticky extraction process. It is as simple as taking your frame direct from the hive to the table. 

Cut Comb Honey is also always popular with honey lovers whether it is placed in its own container or in a jar of honey.  Either way you still have to cut it up which inevitably makes a sticky mess and then having to clean up the used frame afterwards. Once again the answer is to sell your full frames of honey instead. It’s so much quicker, cleaner and more profitable.


Assuming a normal British Standard frame of honey is valued between £12-£18 to a beekeeper depending on the weight of honey, the cost of the frame, foundation and honey jar etc, the Honey Frame Packaging concept is designed to help beekeepers secure over double that amount from the sale of the same frame.

Research has shown me that a frame of honey marketed and sold in this way can sell for anything from £50 - £100.  Naturally this depends on the weight of honey, type of honey and the type of retail establishment doing the selling, but either way the value of your frame of honey has improved enormously.

Whenever I produce a good clean full frame of honey, I always place it into one of my boxes and sell it through my local village shop. It doesn't hang around for long irrespective of whether it is the Christmas period or in the middle of the year.   My problem is that I cannot produce enough of them.

Even after taking into consideration the cost of purchasing our special packaging box, you will still make more of a return than if you had extracted that same honey in the normal way.

By simply placing your standard frame of honey into our specially designed packaging boxes, it will enable you to market your honey in a totally unique way giving you new opportunities to make your hobby pay.

Just imagine one of your shallow Honey 'Supers' choca block full of presentable honey frames that could be directly placed into our honey frame packaging boxes.  Thats a possible 10 x £65 giving you a  value of £650 per full Super.  Mind Boggling isn't it!

The complete packaging concept will be delivered to you as a Flat Packed eco friendly compostable unit using recyclable cardboard, with a supporting stand to hold your frame of honey in place.  The unit also comes with a flat panel backing board, which can be used for protection during transportation or as a method of 'packing out the back of the box' to stop unnecessary movement of the frame oh honey. 

The Honey Frame Packaging Box does come with a Clear Protective Cellophane Window film to cover and protect your frame of honey from contamination.