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Honey Frame Packaging

The Box Designed to Sell Your Honey Comb

My Honey

I market my honey as 'Tim Jackson' honey through the local village shop in Ludwell on the A30 near Shaftesbury, Dorset and through the Udder Farm Shop at East Stour half way between Shaftsbury and Sherborne . 

My bees are predominately kept in my garden at home, however I am finding that I am being increasingly asked if I would like to place hives on local fields of Borage, Echium, Oil Seed Rape. Broad Bean and more recently Pea.

All my honey is totally natural or "Raw" as the Americans would call it and has not been heated or tampered with in any way.  I also keep  each extraction process separate depending on where the honey has been sourced in order to differentiate between the flowers the bees have collected their nectar from.  Naturally this is much easier to do when you have hives on fields of Oil Seed Rape, Broad Bean or Borage.