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Honey Frame Packaging

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HFP wins huge praise at the 2010 National Honey Show

Added on 01 February 2011

Honey Frame Packaging launched  in front of crowds of people at the 2010 National Honey Show last year which took place in Weybridge from 28th – 30th October.  Thousands of people visited the show this year which was hailed as a huge success.

The product had a great reception and was received extremely well by everyone with compliments coming from members, beekeepers and individuals alike who sell honey for a living. 

John Chapple- Chairman of the London Beekeepers Association and committee member of the National Honey Show said it was his ‘product of the show’.

Having spoken to literally hundreds of people during the three days, the overall feedback from everyone was that it was a fantastic product and not only would it help beekeepers sell their honey in a different format, but it would also be a lot less hassle and much more profitable. In particular there was considerable interest from beekeepers who normally produce cut comb that could see the value in producing a full frame of honey instead.  Sales were brisk during the show and a lot of interest for bulk orders were given to be followed up early in the new year. 

Others thought that the product could also have other uses such as:
1.  Protecting a frame of honey from the hive to exhibiting at a show.  The box would be ideal to place in the deep freeze to protect over any length of time.   There is always inevitably a gap of several months between producing a frame from the hive to exhibiting it at a show.

2. The wooden stand would be excellent to hold a frame which has been grafted with queen cells for queen rearing.

3. The box is excellent as a reserve back up show case for those county honey shows!

As a result of the excellent feedback and encouraging sales, Honey Frame Packaging have already booked to have a stand at the BBKA Spring convention at Stoneleigh Park in April. 

We look forward to seeing you there